Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend part II

11-16-10 resting brain
Sunday, the day after Ann's party, I tried to have a restful day... however, I needed to complete one task as preparation for Tuesday. I had to empty the guest room because we are (were) getting new carpet on Tuesday.

Molly helped me with this, since Greg returned to KC early. After everything was out of the room, Molly asked what type of floor was under the carpet. I didn't know, since this carpet had been there since we moved in 1993. We started to rip up the carpet and found beautiful hardwood floors... to my surprise it was in great condition!

Now I have to talk to my carpet guy and see if he will agree to sell me some area rugs instead, or loose my deposit! ? Meanwhile, I'll be living with all the guest room stuff piled up in the dinning room.... chaos for awhile I get this figured out!!

What should I do? It is so beautiful! I really hate to cover it up again.


  1. I vote for hard wood. They are beautiful, although you will see a lot more dust bunnies. Depends on if you want the appearance of clean or not.

  2. Beautiful! I love the bed, too. I found one exactly like it for my granddaughter's bedroom.