Friday, November 12, 2010

More on Ann

11-12-10 to-do list brain
Just a few months ago, my friend Ann got this wild idea that she needed to create a type of “bucket list” and accomplish a list of 50 things before her birthday. Ann is already a go-getter type of person, so I didn’t quite understand her need to add more activity into her already busy life. But Ann likes a challenge.

Ann is keeping track of this all on Facebook…. She is calling it “50 Things Ann Must See and do by Dec 1, 2010". She even has created sub-categories for this list.

Here are a few examples in no particular order.

Good for the Body and Soul;
Get flu shot
Can something: (Ann was canning apples and making apple butter a few weeks ago)
Schedule Colonoscopy: (good for you Ann, let me know if you need a ride home!)
Things in my Backyard;
Visit Basilica in Des Moines
Just Because;
Take a drive in a red sports car (done... see below)
Buy cowboy boots
Plant 300 bulbs (in her back garden I think)
For Others
Surprise someone with a visit (that’s a nice idea)
Locate my old Army buddy (that could be dangerous if it is the other guy you dated)
Shoots and Giggles
Go on hay rack ride
Watch an Irish Dance Show
Crash a wedding
Spontaneous (these are things unplanned I believe)
Visit the SAC Museum in Nebraska
Buy a ticket to the Policeman’s Ball (i.e. she got a speeding ticket last month)
Visit the Grotto in West Bend Iowa
Drive the Losse Hills
Take the tram up the hill in Dubuque Iowa
Visit an Abbey in Dubuque
Walk through corn maze (I did this with her in October)

Here was an item crossed off her list! I have no idea whos car this is?

Ann asked me if I was interested in creating a birthday list for myself. I said maybe, but I would limit to only FIVE things, not 50…. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I could come up with 50 things. So far I have two things on my list for 2011:

1. Visit Colorado with Greg, do some hiking in the mountains.
2. Slow down and start taking better care of myself which means eating healthier.

Number 2 is actually very important to me. I realized that in this marathon race called life… I have been doing too much sprinting and not enough walking.... I need to slow down and pace myself, or I’m not going to make it to 60!


  1. well missy ... you read my note page ... why thank you for the nice write up. I'm on my way checking off the list, now at 40 of the 50.

    At least 5 will be checked off the list this w/end ... throw a party for myself, perform a routine and let me see....

    thanks for the great posts and for being such a great friend and making my Friday.

    Here's to carrots n' peas, sundaes n' sprinkles.

  2. A rainy Friday always needs some "sunshine". Enjoy your day off... work at home.

  3. I like the way Ann thinks! And Ann...50 isn't bad at's 60 that I'm worried about! :)