Thursday, November 25, 2010


What you are thankful for?

Your nice new car, sitting in your 3 -4 stall heated garage?

Or are you thankful for your master bathroom and the 1, 2 or 3 extra bathrooms in your house?

It is your beautifully arranged table with fine china, crystal glass and fancy centerpiece.

Could it be your $200+ fashion boots and the new dress you are wearing today... after all everyone is complementing you on how nice you look.

I am thankful that when most families gather around the dinner table today, holding hands and giving thanks, the above things are NOT mentioned…. So why is it that the above things and similar possessions are often our focus throughout the year?

What are you really thankful for?
Shouldn’t THIS be the focus throughout the year?

PS: I am not pointing fingers at anyone, but pointing a finger at our culture of greed and excess.


  1. Whew...... glad I just read this. I love my heated garage, used car, the extra bathrooms for company, I have no China ... fiesta ware will do ... boots on sale for $60 and no new dress for me... need to loose some weight.

    I'm thankful for being an American. :)

  2. Was I a bit too "preachy" here?

  3. your blog so won't opine on your opinion.

  4. Mmmmm greed and excess ....greed no... excess yes. But if you work and earn it fair and square, why should you feel guilty of what you buy/spend it on?

  5. That's the American way for sure... "The American Dream".... but it's not the Christian Way as taught by Jesus.... which proves I was being "preachy", cause I've been reflecting on several church sermons lately, which lead to this blog.