Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moving forward?

11-4-10 progressive brain
Yesterday, via email, I and a conservative friend of mine (not you Ann)... Seemed to find a bit of common ground. She acknowledged that the defense budget could use some cutting and I agreed with her that that education department needed some work. I value my friend’s input on this since she is a teacher.

However, my friend also said….. “Our constitution never intended for the Feds to have as much scope, size, power or control that it now has”… this reminded me of a sign I saw at the Rally to Restore Sanity this last weekend.

My point is that the Founding Fathers had no idea what life would be like in 2010! (And we really can't relate to life in the 1700's)... Even in my lifetime, who could have predicted so much change, so imagine the large gap between 1776 and today. So to me, our laws and our government have to keep up with the changes.

Sure once it made sense that states had more local power, but today our world is so different in so many HUGE ways.... like fast and easy travel between states, interstate business, global business, mega corporations and changes in communication, the media, and the Internet….. Life will never be as simple as it was in 1776… and so our laws need to account for all the change which has taken place during the last 200+ years. We can’t go “back”...

Here is a sampling of other signs at the Rally:

Then of course you had some extremely creative people... who of course then got the media attention. You have to remember it WAS Halloween weekend, and some people came in costume.

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