Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Greg voted YES

11-2-10 traveling brain
Part of me would have been content to enjoy my birthday weekend following the usual traditions: dressing up for Halloween and attending the Hoot and Howl- scary organ music program; giving out trick or treat candy at the DM house; birthday dinner out at our favorite restaurant…. The other part of me wanted do to something crazy and exciting for my 55th birthday…. So I took the crazy idea to Greg and let him break the stalemate I had with myself.

Greg, being one who enjoys adventures, voted yes to the crazy idea of spending the weekend in Washington DC…. And he made the trip happen. He got reasonable flights booked out of KC, and used his Marriott reward points to get a free room at a great hotel, not far from a Metro stop…. And we took off Friday morning… packing lightly with only our back packs.

The purpose of our trip was to enjoy some of our favorite museums and to attend the Rally for Sanity on Saturday afternoon.

As we left, I started to question IF I should be attending this Rally…. how sane am I really? After all, I consider myself the first official “tea party” person in Iowa….. Yep! Back in 2002, 2003... 2004 I was vocal about the U.S. deficit, just like the current day tea party people.

When everyone was putting yellow magnet ribbons on their cars to “Support the Troops”…. I made my own red, white and blue magnet ribbons which said. “United We Stand, Deficit We Fall”. I had great fun looking for vehicles in parking lots with a “W” sticker and I put one of my magnets on their cars. I was also the crazy lady neighbor who put of signs in my yard. My favorite one was from TrueMajority.com…. In my book, you are just giving lip service to reducing the deficit, unless you are willing to consider cutting the defense budget. This is where the majority of our taxes get spent.

Way back then in early 2000‘s, when I was passionate about the U.S. budget… I was called “unpatriotic. I thought I was just “logical”… I couldn’t understand how you decide to take in less money (tax cuts), at the same time you spend money on two new wars, and pay for a new drug program which appears to help the elderly, but actually line the pockets of the drug companies, who then give campaign donations… and get regulations written in their favor.

Sorry, I got carried away…. More on the Rally to Restore Sanity tomorrow.
Happy Election Day.... go vote!

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