Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend update

11-15-10 worn-out brain
This weekend was spent in Des Moines. Greg came in town early, Thursday night, since he had Veteran’s Day off. Friend Molly came into town Friday evening. Temperatures were finally more seasonal, which meant it felt cold and it was also rainy (2 inches in my rain gauge, mostly on Friday). Saturday was windy and a bit nasty out too, but good times spent with friends warmed us all.

Saturday, was lunch with Kelley and Molly… then of course when Molly is in town, it usually means some shopping is on the agenda. Trader Joe’s opened in Des Moines last weekend and Molly and Greg were interested in checking this store out. For me, not so much… grocery stores seem all the same to me, but of course I went along.

It was packed with people! Lines at the check-out where running to the back of the store! It was so crowed, I didn’t even want to wander in. I stayed by the front door as Molly and Greg explored. I was perplexed by what they might be selling here that other stores don’t carry. I guess I’ll have to wait and try again during a less busy time. Greg tells me KC is also getting two Trader Joe's, one close to our KC house, so maybe this will eventually become a favorite store mine. For now, it is Dahls in DM, and Price Chopper in KC.

Saturday evening was Ann’s garage-karaoke birthday party. Good food, singing, dancing, silliness….. She had a good turn out, close to 50 people.

Here is Ann with her "Male Stripper" cake (No Jan, I didn’t bake this, one of her neighbor’s did).. I did however surprise Ann by dressing up midway in the party as Lady Gaga and Ann and I tried to do a dance routine together. If I get the video edited, I may try to upload it on my blog. Since Ann doesn't really need any material gifts, I decided instead to create a fun memory gift for her by doing this. Ann loves Lady Gaga music.

For now a picture will have to do… I think the big lips scared some people. Ann said she didn't even know it was me at first... Greg was wise and departed the party just before I made my appearance. He gets enough of my zaniness at home, he doesn't want to see it in public I guess.

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  1. Yes in deedy a great memory was made... and she kept this a suprise.

    We had a great eve with 45-50 in the garage, food and friends and a suprise phone call from the Charles City PD aka Marine Dude John.

    If not not now ... when ... and ...why not throw yourself a party?