Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saturday part II

11-24-10 sugar-buzz brain

With too much sugar in our system from Saturday morning...Greg and I decided to try to wear it off Saturday afternoon by raking the front yard. We bagged 15.

Of course 24 hours later, you couldn’t even tell we had done the work… It was warm (68 degrees) and breezy on Sunday and more leaves were flying, and more still remain on the trees in our neighborhood. We will be raking leaves until the snow flies, which I hope won’t be until January.

Saturday evening we were invited over to our neighbors (the artists who live most of the year in Belize) for a glass of wine before dinner, and we then went out with Molly to grab a quick bite to eat. I was so worn out from all the day's activity.... I ended up falling a sleep on the couch just after Saturday Night Live started.

PS: On Tuesday, Hunt's Lawn Service came to our rescue... they used blowers and once again, for a moment..... we have a clean yard, front and back!


  1. My pigs are probably now looking through your leaves for acorns.

  2. Oh.. all the leaves go in to the pigs' pen? That could make some good bedding material for them.