Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saturday Sugar

11-23-10 sweet brain
It’s November and you would think “car events” would be over for the year…. But no, we have a few more on our schedule, and one was held on Saturday morning… “Tour de Donut”.. with the Mini Cooper people in KC.

Up at 6:20AM on a Saturday is unusual, but visiting six locally owned donut shops was the objective. There were 20+ Minis crazy enough to attempt this caffeine-sugar-pancreas-abusing event.

Interesting to find out that 3 of the 6 donut shops were fairly close to our KC house.

There were prizes involved, but I wasn’t even going to try to compete. First stop Greg and I both had a donut... I had Bavarian Cream, he had Glazed.... he had coffee, I had milk. The next stop the Cream Filled donut I had my eye on, went to someone else, so I walked away without one… which was probably wise. By the third stop I was ready to try a Powder Sugar Key Lime filled donut which Greg and I split. The forth place we split a Red Velvet Cake donut and Greg got more coffee. The fifth place we got a very long, Long John filled with icing with chocolate on the top (My favorite of all I ate that day)... Greg and I split that also. Lastly, at the sixth stop, we split a Pumpkin donut. So we ended up each eating about 3 donuts a piece.

The winners were announced after the fifth stop, since the last stop of optional. The female winner ate 8 donuts, the male winner ate 9 donuts.

What does one do for the rest of the day...with all that sugar in their system…? The answer... tomorrow!

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  1. I love this trip! Now I would have paced myself and had a bite at each stop. By the time you're done you would have only had the equivalent of 1 whole donut/treat. More importantly, I would have had coffee at each stop! I guess I'm not a big sweet eater for breakfast, but love me some eggs and sausage.