Monday, November 22, 2010

More "this and that"

11-22-10 confused brain

My weekend trip to KC, I was listening to the radio and had three hours to ponder: I was listening and really attempting to understand current events and those who dumbfound me.

Bush Victory:
GM auto is bouncing back and GM stock has been on the rise last week. Tens of thousands of jobs were saved and it appears tax payer money will be able to be paid back…. And I do have to give credit to Bush, who although he had to set a side his “capitalist principles”, he took the advice of his money advisers and helped prevent major economic collapse back in December 2008. Why can’t we all be happy about this... but the Republicans don't seem to be. Isn’t this good news worth celebrating?

Russian Treaty:
Republicans speak often about "security issues"... of “making our country safe”…. in fact it seemed like the 2000’s were all about pushing fear on us, so they could then justify going to war… to make our country "safe from the terrorists". Now the Republicans are so hyper about the deficit, partly due to not funding this war…. and now they are the party who now wants to strip down the government to the basics; security and highways (I heard this on a conservative radio show) everything else can be done by the private sector… so why then are the Republicans not supporting this treaty with Russia which would help secure nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists??? This dumbfounds me. Doesn't this treaty directly affect our countries security in the future?

Much talk lately about ideas to cut the US deficit. One idea is to cut the earmarks used by Congress and the Senate. I am all for this! Not because of the deficit, because these really are only a drop in the bucket of deficit money, but by eliminating earmarks, this would/could take some of the “wheeling and dealing” out of policies and our leaders would not be able to add in sweet deals for companies/friends who give out campaign donations. Maybe this is one small step into a more honest system?

Nancy Pelosi:
OK to be and balanced (as Fox News), I don't always understand the actions of Nancy Pelosi either.... creating a new position in the Democratic house leadership... sounds like more "wheeling and dealing" to me.

Charlie Rangel:
It's time for this "dude" to step down! Enough said!

What do you want for Christmas?
It happened, Friday, November 19th…..I heard my first Christmas music on the radio… the song was “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”… it’s a cute little song by Shirley Temple…. And I listened… and it reminded me of the fact that my niece, Sarah, ONLY wants a bulldog for Christmas… nothing else will do. Then the next song on that radio station was the First Noel…. And I quickly changed the channel… I couldn’t bear hearing this since I hardly could believe Thanksgiving was less than a week away, let alone Christmas….because the weather was sunny and close to 60 degrees.


  1. Hi Judy!

    Here is my take on your points:

    1. Even though Bush initiated the "bailout", the end result is on Obama's watch and the Repugs will never be for anything good that happens during his time in office. Also, Bush's term was nearly at the end and the Repugs had already started distancing themselves from him because they could see the writing on the wall.

    2. See above reason number one. Anything Obama is for, they're against. I don't care if Obama was for kissing babies, there would not be a single Repug candidate photo op of them kissing a cute baby.

    3. You're correct in saying earmarks are but a tiny percentage of the overall budget, but they definitely lead to corruption (in some cases) and wheeling and dealing. Democrats are just as likely to ratchet up the earmarks for their districts or states as Republicans are.

    4. Nancy Pelosi certainly does know how to wheel and deal with the best of them. She learned it at her father's knee. "Big Tommy" D'Alesandro served 22 consecutive terms in office, starting with city councilman to U.S. Congressman, to Baltimore city mayor, where he served 5 terms. He was a Roosevelt "New Deal" democrat and believed in the "hand up to those who are down" progressive platform. Her brothers have all been involved in politics as well.

    5. Yes, he should.

    6. I'm still boycotting our local radio stations who begin playing Christmas music part-time the first of November and start full-time this week. We're so saturated with it there and in every store, that I can't even play my Christmas CDs anymore.

    Great post, Judy.

  2. Hi Susan.... I agree it seems like the "Repug" are just the "anti-Obama party" and our country suffers for it. We are loosing precious time at being able to keep up with other countries.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!