Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Weekend

7-3-10 humidity brain
4th of July weekend is usually very hot in Iowa, however I do remember one time back in the mid 1990's when it turned very cool, and we were not prepared to be wearing sweatsuits, jackets and bluejeans.... instead of shorts and sleeveless shirts.

After enjoying several days of temps in the 70's and low 80's.... and glad not to run the A/C..... This weekend is predicted to be hot again... so to remind myself NOT to complaint about this, I am posting these pictures from 6 months ago.
Compare and contrast!

Our front tree is missing of course... now the light pole is visible. I think I need a new smaller ornamental tree to hide that from the front door view.


Which would you choose?


  1. I remember that cold 4th, I was with you in Charles City, and totally unprepared and was freezing, and this is from someone that is always hot.

  2. Honestly? Um...I'd take winter. As hard as our winter was here in Ohio this year, it's never as tough as summers are for me. I was meant to live somewhere that is no warmer than 80 degrees in summer, yet I live in the humidity belt. Oy...

  3. I choose winter. Just not a girl who enjoys heat and humidity.

    A small ornamental tree would be the way to go. Japanese maple? Small cherry tree? Lots of options.

    Enjoy this holiday week-end!

  4. I will always choose summer over winter, but I prefer spring or fall. But definitely shorts over heavy jeans! Just got my hair cut really, really short for summer, but I love it so I think I'll keep it that way.