Monday, July 26, 2010

GWOTF: arts-y farts-y

7-26-10 creative brain

Still a few more posts regarding the Girls Weekend on the Farm from last weekend. We got creative this year on Sunday morning.... late morning, after sleeping in. I know I was awake until 1:00AM… and I was the first one who went to bed. So we all were moving slow on Sunday morning.

I found these cute paper mache pigs in a shop up in my hometown over my 4th of July visit and thought this could be a fun creative play project for us, with this farm animal theme.

Here Mom's cat was a bit intimidated by them.

I wasn’t sure if all the gals would be into art, or if it was just Molly and I who like to paint… but this project was a hit. Ann called it "artsy-fartsy".... sometimes gassy, middle-age women being artistic.

We set up a big table, threw down the old sheets and got to painting, cutting from old magazines and using the good old decoupage.

Teresa got right to work with a vision of creating a special pig for her daughter. She found some interesting “sayings” …. my favorite one was “This is not a wall, this is an opportunity”. Not sure what magazine she was clipping from, but Molly had a good pile from Oprah to garden to cooking magazines.

Kelley got distracted at reading recipes. We made one "autograph pig which we each signed our name.... along with "girls just want to have fun" written across the nose.

Afterwards we had fun admiring our pigs and putting them on display. Peeps was curious.


  1. LOVE the pigs :). And the ideas are fun too. I suppose they aren't fit for outdoor weather?

  2. Well, maybe could be put outside if you have several coats of decoupage. I think I have seen some in the craft store which could protect outdoors...or coat with polyerythan (sp?)

  3. What an incredibly wonderful idea for a get-together! You rock, Judy! The outcome is adorable/hilarious. Love the picture of the cat surrounded by unadorned pigs. Too funny!

  4. If Molly didn't have a cat, I'd invite myself to your next GWOTF...but she does, so I won't, but it looks like you all had SUCH a fun time! Love the artsy-fartsy activity the most!

  5. Renee, lets do a girl's day are your house! You, Lori and I could get creative for a day! PS: Molly has 4 cats inside...

    Susan this is fun idea to do with Grandchildren!

  6. PS: Note my "PEACE" pig... the orange one with peace signs.