Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation report: part I of several

7-09-10 vacation brain
I’ve completed week one of my two week vacation… not everything went as expected, but I suppose the good news is that I did achieve relaxation and rest, in spite of some drama…. Which I’ll report on eventually.

First the drive up to my hometown last Friday didn’t go well. We headed off at 2:30 PM in the afternoon and expected to arrive by 5:00PM in time for dinner. North of Story City, on Interstate 35, after traveling for 45 minutes, the traffic came to a dead stop. There we sat for about 30 minutes and my Mini Cooper began to overheat. People were getting out of their cars, and there was word that there had been an accident. We had just passed an exit and the next exit was 4 miles ahead…. No one was moving, so the accident must have been between us and the next exit.

Greg said we needed to return to Des Moines to switch cars, since he had gotten out and opened the hood of my Mini and found the radiator fan was not working. The car was cooling as long as we were moving, but overheating while stopped. Oh yes, I need to mention we were behind a truck with some pigs.... luckily the wind was coming from the south and thus the smell for us was not too bad as for the people ahead of the truck.

Eventually, we were able to move into the inner lane and did an illegal crossing of the Interstate median where the ditch was not too deep. Back to Des Moines at 5:00PM… we decided just to eat in Des Moines, since we found out the Interstate had been closed.

After dinner out, we started off again via a different route…. Marshalltown diagonal road, and enjoyed the beautiful country scenery. We arrived safe about 9:00PM.... and Greg was taking pictures as the sun set over the wind turbines, close to my hometown.


  1. Did you ever find out what caused the traffic to stop?

  2. Someone heard it was an accident between two trucks and a car.... I haven't read a newspaper all week, so I don't know for sure.