Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GWOTF part 2 of several

7-21-10 luncheon brain
We first met for lunch “in town”…. on the south side of Kansas City, since this is good meeting up point between our KC house and Molly and Jeff’s farm (Aggie Acres). The restaurant we chose was “Zest” in the Mission Farms shopping area. This was a good choice and everyone was happy with the food. Zest has a nice patio, but sadly, it was too hot to eat outside.

Here are the pictures from lunch.

Mary and Bonnie joined us for part of the weekend, but our core group again this year was Molly, Annette, Ann, Kelley, Teresa, and me. Interesting to report that Molly, Kelley and Ann all turn 50 this year. I was the oldest of the group at age 54. Oh sorry, Ann doesn't want to be reminded of her upcoming B-day... but I keep telling her the early 50's are great!

I little bit of shopping was done after lunch, but this was mostly “window shopping”. Since Saturday’s weather was hot and humid, we were all eager to get out to the farm and jump in the pond. Continued tomorrow....

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  1. Judy, in my dreams I will forever be 39. Good job on the pics.