Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GWOTF part 1 of several

7-20-10 smiling brain
This last weekend was our 2nd Annual “Girls Weekend On The Farm” hosted by Molly and I. I wrote about all the fun we had last year HERE on my blog (there was at least a week’s full of posts from last year)…. This year will probably be the same, since there were so many fun activities to report on.

When we decided to make the GWOTF an annual event, I wondered if it could live up to the high standard of fun we all experienced the first year….. But I am happy to report we had just as much fun this year too, as last year. We followed a similar list of events, but changed things up a bit to keep things interesting. Molly is always full of good ideas!

What GWOTF means for me is spending some time…. REMOVED from TIME. Out at the farm, we mostly don’t care what the clock says…. We do what we want, when we want. This reminds me of summertime as a child when the days were long and filled with spontaneous fun and laughter. GWOTF is were we can travel back in time and experience “play” like only young girls do best….. Experiencing freedom to be ourselves, fearlessness, silliness, and a special kind of fellowship between female spirits.

Ann and I arrived in KC Friday, and pictured here Saturday morning, we awaited the arrival of Kelley. GWOTF started out on the “dressy” side this year for lunch.

The dress I am wearing came from Marge’s basement (the neighbor up in my hometown) who I wrote about last week. Marge keeps everything, and her daughter Jan spotted this dress that her mother had sewn in the 60’s and thought it was such a cool vintage dress, she wanted me to have it, since it didn’t quite fit her properly. I love it, and worn it proudly for the first time to our girls lunch…..

Oh, I should mention that of course Ann was up early Saturday morning before Greg and I, and she was out the door scouting out garage sales in the area, and stopped by the Brookside Farmer's Market. Here she is with some of her purchases!

In the meantime, I was making some water balloons, and Greg was off to a car show mid morning. Continued tomorrow.....


  1. This sounds like the perfect weekend. Those water balloons look like easter eggs. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Yep, a fun way to start. I always have fun w/ Judy..be it in DM, KC and even in Europe.
    Can't wait to get a record player out to play my record of Neil Diamond.

  3. I loved the balloons, I had never felt that well endowed before,

  4. The balloons were for the pond, but most of the girls used them to enhance their bra size while swimming.