Thursday, July 1, 2010

Childhood SAFE revisited

7-1-10 summertime brain
I’m off work next week … taking a “stay-cation” this year, with part of that time spent in my hometown celebrating the 4th of July, which is always a family and high school friends type of reunion. … And part of time cleaning my basement….. AND I will be taking a blog vacation too, so before I go, I want to tie up some loose blog ends…..

So back about two weeks ago I wrote about my childhood safe and I’ve been meaning to show you what I have discovered inside this safe…. There was that priceless picture of me and my Dad…. But mostly silly old things from my childhood.

My sister might be able to recognize a few things we use to play with here.

This here was interesting to me.... I had written a few diary pages of when I was first asked out by a guy I liked BRUCE! (March 23, 1972).... and of course more of my blond hair had been saved.

Continued tomorrow….


  1. I'm just loving seeing what treasures you uncover in your safe! How 'neat' that you wrote about the first guy that asked you out. The first guy that asked me out stood me up, because a better looking classmate decided to meet up with him. Wasn't high school fun? BTW, I'll be in Des Moines this weekend for the 4th!

    Cheers, Genevieve

  2. Happy 4th Genevieve.... sorry I'll miss seeing you at Kelley's!