Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

When my niece Sarah was in middle school she had to write an essay on her favorite holiday. She wrote about 4th of July in Iowa because of the fun family time together without the hassle of buying presents. This surprised me a bit, since Sarah loves getting presents.... but she is correct we do have a great 4th of July tradition going in my family for several decades now: Picnic, parade, 4th of July dinner, fireworks, canoeing, board game playing, swimming... just to name a few things we usually do together. ALSO we honor Dad for his Marine service in WWII. Every once in awhile hear some of Dad's gruesome war stories.... we feel blessed that he was not killed.

Proud to be a "peace-loving" American!

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  1. Nice piece, Judy! I'm a little late, but Happy Independence Day!