Friday, July 30, 2010

Girl Power: My heroine

7-30-10 pooped brain
July is coming to a close, and I find myself pooped out from all the activities of the month. My "girl power" is currently very weak. August is already over-booked, so at a time like this, I will need to take a close look and prioritize the most important things to the top of my list.... and let go of others.

Speaking of "girl power", my current heroine is Elizabeth Warren. She is fighting for me, aka: a regular everyday working person. I just want to make enough money to live life out of poverty. I am not striving for riches, I just want to work, I want to give a little, save a little and be happy to live on the rest.

I do believe in the need for stronger consumer financial protection. The U.S. middle class is evaporating fast, and if a finger isn't put in the dike soon... our country will evolve into a poor country, with a few rich people and corporations running the show.

HERE is a tiny piece on Elizabeth Warren.... along with video (actually a very funny video) Enjoy the laugh from California Girl on her blog Women of a Certain Age.

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