Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dead trees

7-6-10 sad brain
I have not seen it yet in person, but our KC house had some needed tree work done the first part of July.

I love trees, but boy... they can get to be expensive when you have to have them removed.... of course this opens up new possibilities for replace and new landscaping ideas!



I will miss that old rotting apple tree by the front door. We did eat some of the apples last year.


  1. I recently posted on someone else's blog that, when we bought out house (13 years ago!), there were four silver maples and a huge douglas fir. Now, only the fir remains. One of the maples died after a huge ice storm, one was uprooted when Hurricane Ike came through Ohio, and the last (the biggest and best of all) had to be taken down in January because squirrels were making holes in the two main branches which hung over our house and our neighbor's house and trimming them off would have made the tree unstable. My husband and I both cried. It's amazing how attached we get to trees, and how amazing trees are.

  2. just getting them trimmed can be $$$ too, but i love trees and the shade they provide. why did you have to take ur apple tree down? so sorry. but your house can be seen better now and it sure is cute!

  3. Oh boy! You're gonna miss that shade, too! But as you said, new opportunities await. I think a trip to the nursery is called for here.

  4. old apple tree was infected and rotting. There is still big oak trees in front to provide shade.