Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GWOTF: the food

7-27-10 happy taste buds brain

Eating is always a big part of Girls Weekend, since Molly is skilled and creative in the kitchen. This year she made for us a "melt in your mouth" BEEF dish, the one Julia Child makes. Molly was able to do most of this beef dish the night before…. Now I can’t remember what it was called, since I am a non-kitchen person myself. We also had corn on the cob! Ann and I can not get enough corn on the cob!

This year, after the pond float and belly dancing we were hungry, so we didn’t fuss as much as last year with the ambiance…. So we dug right in… without any fancy table setting. And every thing tasted SO GOOD!

Dessert was utter perfection too! Teresa made these delicious chocolate cupcakes which had a Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting. HERE is one of Teresa’s favorite food blogs… Annie’s Eats where she found this recipe.


  1. Judy, I'm curious about the beef dish and which Julia cookbook. Her recipes are always fool proof.

  2. CalGirl- Molly can comment and talk about which beef dish she prepared.... Molly???

  3. I'll comment, beff bourguigon and if you saw the movie Julie Julia.. that was the dish she burnt.... but not Molly. She did a fantastic job and so did Teresa. I did a fantastic job eating sweet corn... and Judy is correct.

    And what about Artsy Fartsy... I like that. I'm sure I got that from Archie Bunker or some corny show of the 70's.

  4. What's better than sharing good food with good friends?

    I'm fine with you sending friends over for chicken(s) at my place. :)

  5. Thanks for the compliments. I blended the recipes of my youthful idol Julia Child and my current idol, Ina Garten. The recipe Ann linked is pretty close, the main difference is I used Beef Tenderloin, not chuck,

    So getting back to the discussions of Girl's Weekend - it is always about the meat and how you treat it!

    And MANY kudos the the chef helpers and to Teresa's cupcakes.