Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation report: part 6 of several

TGIF vacation brain

Wrapping up my vacation report from my visit up in my hometown over the 4th of July with a few more pictures….. this post is especially for childhood friends Robin and Laurel who were not back in Charles City this year.

Neighbor Marge, one of my Mom’s good friends who helped lead our in-town 4-H group, (the Peppy Pals) along with my Mom, is known for her cooking & baking skills, her bird knowledge, and her sewing. Her daughter Jan was back visiting (same class as my sister Jan)… so we got together for coffee at Marge’s along with Barb, the older daughter who now lives in Robin’s old house in the neighborhood.

This is next to the house Laurel and Lynn lived in. Here is picture of their playhouse, where all us girls like to hang out. Glad to see that this has survived over the for 40 years!! can it really be that long ago?

Also during my vacation in Charles City, Greg, Steve and Vanni and I went over to Jean Ann and Doug’s house to see their new deck addition.

Their son Kalen was home from college and working for Doug’s excavation business, and he grilled us hamburgers for lunch.

Steve and I posed for a picture on the rocks in Jean Ann’s front yard. Yes, Steve is tall and played on our high school basketball team. He then moved to Alaska for college and where is he has stayed working as a teacher in Barrow.

There he met (finally) a perfect gal to bring home for our approval a few years ago... Vanni, and they celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary this month. I love Vanni just as if she were an original hometown friend!

Sister Jan’s hand is on the mend and she is acting like her usual self again… back texting and using the computer.

I return to work on Monday, good thing, since I am going to need the “rest” after this weekend holds in store the 2nd Annual Girls Weekend at Molly’s Farm.

One last picture of Dad in his new Marine shirt I bought him. This was a memorable 4th of July for us all!

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  1. Wow, Steve makes you look teeny-tiny! Isn't it nice to connect with old friends? Glad to hear your sister is doing well.