Friday, July 23, 2010

GWOTF the dancing part

7-23-10 dancing brain
First we dried off from our swimming, and found scarfs and jiggly things to wrap around your hips. We pushed the furniture back, clearing the center of the room and we gathered around our instructor. She then first did a short demonstration, then she broke the movements down into steps and we attempted to learn these.

This was harder "exercise" than I expected.... we tried to be serious students, but I am afraid there was too much laughing going on.

At the end we decided to do a show for Molly's husband Jeff, and she phoned him down at the other end of the farm where he was hanging out. We went out on the lawn for our show.... and Jeff ended up pulling one over on us.

(Ann's picture)

He arrived in his (new) old firetruck with sirens blaring. He got out with his fireman's coat on and danced for us a bit.... then drove away. I don't even remember if we danced or not, we were laughing at him too much.

Here Ann caught me dancing for Peep's the Peacock.

(Ann's picture)

Peeps just kept following us around and when we were inside, he was either looking in the window at us, or at the door wanting to come inside.


  1. Loving your GWOTF series! I want to do that, too!
    I watched a belly dancing class looked really fun and really hard.

    Not letting participants in on all the details is how I always win contests! I don't think of it as cheating so much as being on the inside.

    Speaking of being on the inside, obviously that's where Peeps wanted to be. He might have taught you a think or two about dancing!

  2. the peacock must have wanted the attention focused back on him! :)

  3. So I heard about the weekend from Kelley, but she didn't tell me about the belly dancing! What fun! Next year you all need to invite me as an honorary member. What a fun group and a great trip. By the way, is the peacock mean or nice?

  4. Gen, my sister almost came this year, next year maybe both sister's can be invited... but rules are older sister's can boss around younger sisters on the farm! :) Peeps is nice for the most part. Seems to like females the best. I'm not afraid of him at all. He was hand raised by a women.

  5. Great Blog Judy, the only thing it doesn't show is how tiring the dancing can me. I was amazed that my arms and neck go tired, I was probably doing it wrong.

    Genevieve - you are most welcome next year. i don't have sisters, so I enjoy my friends sisters.

  6. this is hilarious and looks like so much fun. Love Peeps.