Thursday, July 22, 2010

GWOTF part 3 of several

7-22-10 silly brain
Late afternoon and early evening pond time Saturday was like swimming in a bath tub… the water was so warm, and extra full with all the spring rains. My new "game" I created for this year was seeing who could have the most interesting swimwear fashion... I won, cause I forgot to let the others know of this new "competition". Part of my "look" was the white-face sunscreen and the newly purchased swim cap.

Peeps, the pet peacock was eager to hang out with us girls again this year

We could have floated longer into the evening, but we did have a planned engagement. Molly had arranged for belly dancing instruction for us at 7:00 pm. Molly is one who is always taking unusual types of classes and she had done some belly dancing over the last several years. So we gave up the yoga this year for this new class. Next year we were thinking about a pole dancing class. I’m sure Molly’s husband Jeff would love to install a pole for us… Greg would probably help too!

I'm trying to decide if I need to post pictures of the belly dancing class or not ..... hummmmmmmm? We were a bit water logged... and it was harder to learn than it looks.


  1. Looking Good There Judy!

    I wish I would have known about this contest, I can think of some things that might have given you a run for your money

  2. NEXT year my friend! next year...