Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation report: part 2 of several

....vacation brain, detached from time
Saturday, July 3rd, was a beautiful sunny day for the 4th of July Parade in my hometown of Charles City... (more on that later)…. And Sunday was a nice rainy day of showers. This changed the morning canoe plans, after I had gotten out of bed at 5:00AM and lathered on sunscreen and bug spray…. The rain started at 5:30AM, just when I was to be picked up by Steve and Vanni.

So Sunday, actually turned out to be a nice relaxing-napping day prior to our 4th of July traditional dinner that evening, which had to be moved inside, due to the rain….. and the fireworks were canceled for that evening.

But our dinner was a nice gathering of family and friends. Nothing too fancy for us.... just a bit "festive".... Yes, it was me who put up the Red, White & Blue Peace decorations on the light.

Since my niece Sarah was not able to make it to Iowa this year for the 4th (taking summer college class), her traditional honor of "Flag Cake making"... had to be handed over to Karin, and Karin did a splendid job.

Friends: the other Judy, Myrna, the other John, Vanni, Steve.
(missing: Qaqsu visiting from Alaska)

Since the Fireworks were canceled, we were able to enjoy "game night" on Sunday after dinner. The big winners this year, Greg and Michael.

PS: Sarah is to fly into Iowa this week, so I believe she will want to make the flag cake herself, and my talk Papa into making more homemade ice cream for her visit.

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  1. Rain "dampened" a lot of celebration activities.