Thursday, August 20, 2009

KC Girls Weekend: saying good-bye

8-20-09 in conclusion brain
After yoga class, most of the gals went down to the barn area or out into the field to get a tour of the animals. Since I have been on the farm many times before, I snuck off for a quick shower before brunch. Then more good food.

Afterwards we all drifted back down to the pond to sit and let our food digest... ignoring the fact that our weekend together would soon have to end.

The pond, picnic tables, and hammock create such a relaxing setting that we all just wanted to linger for as long as we could.

The thing I like most about a weekend like this is- that time is meaningless. Time did not exist. It's letting yourself go back into a child-like frame of mind where one does not know or care about telling time. We did what we wanted to, when we wanted to. For the most part, the weekend events just unfolded as they were meant to, sometimes planned, sometimes unpredictable.

The timelessness of it all was the true sign of a good retreat. Friendship, fellowship, food, laughter, and play, all happening remote from the rest of the world.

So finally I come to the end of this "too long" narrative (I'm getting bored with this blog, are you?) with one last closing picture. A bit of "unpredictability" here..... How did this end?

Well as Ann says...."What happens in KC, stays in KC".

PEACE OUT girls! ...until the next time we gather at Aggie Acres.

PS: A million THANKS to Molly for hosting this wonderful weekend retreat.
AND Thanks to our husbands for understanding the need to "girl bond" from time to time. I hope we showed our gratitude fully when we all arrived home- a bit tired... but refreshed and inspired, all at the same time.


  1. I'm not bored at all with these posts. Its like reading a novel online...Girls on the Hobby Farm! Ha. A vision of you that we don't always see at work.

  2. I like that title Lori... "Girls on the Hobby Farm" aka.... "girls gone wild".... but that makes is sound like I should have included a story about mud wrestling in the pond and skinny dipping! ? :)

  3. oh boy, your girls only weekend sounds wonderful! I think next year I just might get myself drugged up (cat allergies) and crash your Girls Gone Wild party! Loved, loved reading about it and your posts are NEVER boring!

  4. Renee, would you be game for belly-dancing? That might get on the agenda for next year!

  5. Not at all boring...a mini-series at the minimum. Judy's descriptive writing is the MC commercial ...

    Fuel to KC- $40
    Hair Extensions- $7 plus tax
    Lunch @ the Bubble Tea Resturant- $13 plus tip
    Girl Friend Fun..... PRICELESS

    Props to Molly & Judy for the food/drinks/Yoga!

  6. AHHH... good one Ann... I wish I'd thought of that! You are "priceless"!

  7. Thanks for the great blog Judy. Makes me look forward to the next one.