Thursday, August 13, 2009

KC Girls Weekend: Saturday lunch

8-13-09 reminiscing brain
When I left off by post yesterday, Ann and I were dressed for lunch with our hair extensions in, taking "Farah" pictures, and waiting for another friend, Kelley, to arrive from Des Moines. Kelley was not able to travel with us Friday night, so she was arriving by herself on Saturday morning.

That was fine with me, I slept in until 9:00AM, since Ann and I were up past midnight. However, I do find it necessary to report on what Ann was up to Saturday morning while I was still in bed. Ann accomplishes more in one morning than I do in one day!

It's the weekend, but Ann is still up at her usual time, must of been around 5:00AM. I woke up with her alarm, but fell back to sleep.

Ann took her shower, baked Zucchini bread for us, drove to the Brookside Farmers Market, and then stopped by McDonalds for her coffee (she loves McDonalds coffee!)... and as I was just getting out of bed, she came home with a McDonals biscuit for my breakfast.

On the way back to the house, Ann had spotted some rummage/garage sales in the area, thus when I finished breakfast and went to take my shower, Ann headed out again, shopping at four rummage sales by the time I was dressed. (Ann loves rummage sales!)

Since Kelley called and told us she was running late, Ann and I hopped in the car and went to shop at the other TJ Maxx, which is close to our KC house. We had about 45 minutes to kill.

Finally we met up with Kelley and headed to the restaurant where we were meeting up with Molly and her good childhood/high school friend, Annette. I know Annette somewhat, since she would visit Molly when Molly lived and Des Moines and we hung out there as singles back in the mid-1980's.

Here is Annette, ME, and Kelley.

Here is Ann and Molly

Here is all of us, thanks to a cute male waiter, which made lunch even more fun! The food was good I guess... I wasn't paying much attention.... we were conversing and laughing.... and that's what I remember about lunch.

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  1. Now I'm exhausted just reading what I did in 4 hours. Keeping my streak rolling, today up at 4 to be at the IA State Fair at 5:30 am for the live WHO morning radio show and free admission. Yes I'm a nut and no I do not have OCDC...but if I did, I could get a lot more accomplished. Good write-up and pics.