Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August is here and almost gone: part 2

8-25-09 waning summer brain

You know its August when: You plan to splurge on State Fair food!

A big part of the State Fair is eating. Our usual lunch spot is the Pork Tent. Greg loves the Iowa Pork Chop dinner.

The other pigs in this picture are one of the largest boars on display in the pork barn, and the other is Floyd of Rosedale pig which is the trophy passed to the winner between the University of Iowa and Minnesota football teams each year. It’s a big rivalry. We took this picture especially for my sister and my dad, since they like Iowa football.

The other State Fair food Greg and I are experimenting with each year is ….. what type of fried food is the best. This year Greg tried the fried Ho Ho, and I stuck with the fired Oreo’s. We decided the Ho Ho is better. Next year we will try the fried Twinkie.

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  1. You guys are more risk takers than me. Can't say I've ever had any of the fried dessert. I stop at the whipped pineapple. Fun read.