Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life's peachy

8-6-09 satiated brain
I still have so much to get caught up on my blog. Several more stories about my July vacation and girls weekend to write about, but I didn’t get any serious blogging done last night.

Instead, my friend Ann came over for dinner and we watched my favorite summer TV show we both are following…. “So You Think You Can Dance”. This is the final round this week and tomorrow a winner will be announce. This is the only TV show I’m letting myself watch this summer.

For dinner, Ann and I had another one of my favorite meals…. BLT! There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes on a BLT, and normally I stay away from bacon, so having a BLT or two this time of year is a treat! What made it even more of a treat was she had picked up fresh corn on the cob from the Wednesday evening’s Farmers Market in the Drake neighborhood. Yeah, corn twice in one week... Yummm Ohhhhh! Thanks Ann!

Ann also surprised me with another treat. On Monday, she returned from her 5 day trip up to Toronto to visit some of her Trinidad relatives- the Indian side of her family. Ann brought me some fresh peaches from Michigan which she pickup on her drive home. Boy are they good and juicy! Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. Another thanks to Ann!

I’d say I’m in food heaven this week!

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  1. Yes, yes BLT's, corn and peaches. Can Life be any better? Greg missed out on some "screaming" as the Dance Show was terrific. Good dinner, good friends.