Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KC Girls Weekend: Peeps the peacock

8-18-09 missing Peeps brain
The long story- short, of Peeps the Peacock:

Peeps was hand raised by a women who could no longer take care of him, and thus Peeps was adopted by Molly and Jeff. These two, especially Jeff, are always taking in stray animals, giving them a lovely home on Aggie Acers. They have created a real animal menagerie out on their hobby farm.

I’ve written about Molly before, see: http://judy-split-in-two.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html

I love these pictures which Ann took of Peeps.

Peeps is an outgoing people loving bird. When the other peacocks on the farm are off doing the usual natural bird things, Peeps is usually hanging out where the human action is going on.

Peeps joined us during our pond floating fun, he joined us on our porch sitting, and the funniest part was when he joined us in our Sunday morning Yoga on the front lawn. Peeps went from person to person checking out each of our postures, and at one point even laid down in his own relaxed pose, which Molly said she had never seen a peacock laid that way before.

Our yoga instructor Nicole got a big kick out of Peeps’ participation.
More on yoga tomorrow-


  1. that is the prettiest blue ever - my favorite color of blue...peeps acts like a cat.

  2. I love his close-up photo! He really is a very unusual bird. He loves to have his head scratched.

  3. My favorite blue color also! PS: if anyone wants some peacock feathers... Molly has them!