Sunday, August 2, 2009

Relaxing with corn and chaos

8-2-09 Weekend summary brain

The weather made for a spectacular weekend! Cool temperatures in the 70’s with a refreshing breeze, reminded me of our trip to Oregon and the Columbia River Gouge a few years ago.

Unfortunately, my cousins in Oregon are being reminded of their Iowa July trip several years ago, since they are experiencing temperatures in the 100’s.

Greg said it’s not “global warming”….. it’s “global weirding”….

Saturday I did manage to relax and enjoyed an hour nap in the hammock, even though the house is a mess. I was wrapped in a comforter, and joined my the neighbor cat Max, who slept on top of me, making sure I couldn't move. Max lives next door and once in awhile he is a therapy cat at the old folk’s home around the block. Max was doing his therapy on me- which I enjoy tremendously.

Saturday evening Greg and I went for a 50 minute walk and then went up to the new Porky’s Restaurant to check out the cars at their cruise in night.

Sunday, I did make it out of bed in time for church, I believe for the first time this summer, and happily saw smiling faces greeting and welcoming me back.

This weekend we also had my favorite meal; excluding any of Molly’s cooking: I ate my first sweet corn, bake beans, Greg’s excellently grilled hamburgers and the juiciest and sweetest Muscatine melon I’ve ever had. It could not have been more perfect, except maybe to have Ann’s potatoes salad. (But Ann’s in Toronto this weekend)

Sunday after Greg left for KC, I started working on my church Art Project again.

I’m doing an abstract this time and enjoyed slopping paint around the backyard and on myself. This step I worked on is representing the “CHAOS”…. I think I was happy with my chaos…. Now onto the next element of the painting.

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