Saturday, August 8, 2009

Waiting for Little B

8-8-09 weekend brain

I’m in Kansas City this weekend. I drove down this morning, arriving about noon. Greg and I grabbed a quick lunch at one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, First Watch, which serves until 2:00.

Then Greg talked me into going over to a car show in Blue Springs (home of American Idol star David Cook). It’s about 30 minutes east of our part of town. When we arrived, the show was winding down, so only a handful of cars were left to look at. This sweet green one was our favorite.

Then since it was 100 degrees, according to the car thermometer, we decided the best place to go for the afternoon was to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. We had not been back there since moving from the Plaza in March. That was a great way to stay cool and we saw some new exhibits and viewed some of our old favorites too.

We decided on an early dinner at the Salty Iguana, Mexican as you might surmise and we splurged by sharing a margarita. Being the light weight drinkers that we both are, we headed home a bit tipsy.

Now we are hanging out at the house, watching the neighbor kids discover a cicada on a tree out front and getting all excited. I’m now sitting on the back deck, since it has cooled off to 85 degrees in the shade with a breeze that helps make it tolerable to be outside.

What I’m really doing out here, besides blogging on my laptop, is waiting for Little B. He is the latest cat in the neighborhood, who might be a possible stray. He has a collar, but seems hungry to eat the cat food Greg has been putting out in the evening. We are calling him "Little B", since Greg said he has some "Buster" qualities in him.

I have not yet met Little B. He is new since my last visit in July…. So I sit here eagerly looking for him to show up. He looks pretty cute by the pictures Greg emailed me last week.

I'm not ready to let myself fall in love with a new cat yet after the passing of Buster and Missy.... but I do enjoy spending time with any cat who comes my way!


  1. No sign of him. Darn!

  2. Salty Iguna, sounds yummy. I'd like to see the two of you drink a few stip and go naked drinks. I made a pitcher last week and after 1, I could feel it. The next time I'm down, must have a pitcher (4 beers in total).