Wednesday, August 5, 2009

National Night Out

8-5-09 celebrating brain

After an intense day working with my co-worker on Tuesday, what better to do then go enjoy a night out in the neighborhood. This was actually the official National Night Out held the first Tuesday in August. Neighborhoods in Des Moines have been participating now for a least 4-5 years, and Beaverdale, my neighborhood, went all OUT this year.

So many activities which covered the corner of Franklin and Beaver Avenue. My church participated again this year with the popcorn, clown, balloon animals, and music. I helped with the balloon animals again this year.

The perfect evening weather brought out tons of people! I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Middle picture is me with my two favorite church kids!


  1. That's a super good way to get people into town to meet each other. I've never heard of National Night Out. That girl in the pink outfit is a hoot, and you look sweet with your little friends.

    Thank you for enjoying our wedding. :)

  2. Ruth- The wedding was so awesome by looking at the photo's! Straight out of a magazine! For others who want to see a "farm" type wedding, like my friends Molly's. Check out the right side bar for blog called synch0ro-ni-sing. so cool!