Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special Sunday Edition: I'm in LOVE again

8-30-09 feline brain

Friday I left work an hour early to drive 2 hours north to my hometown to have dinner with my Mom and Dad. I hadn’t seen them since July 4th visit and since Greg in heading to Ohio this weekend for a football visit, I decided I would make a quick trip home.

I didn’t really need a trip up north at this time, since I was busy enough already this weekend with annual neighborhood block party potluck on Saturday night, and a trip down to KC on Sunday to attend the American Idol concert with some girlfriends…… but I had the urge…….. the kitten urge.

So I spent a total of 24 hours back home, of which 4 were on the road coming and going, and 9 were in bed sleeping. In between, I had a great visit, and well worth my time.

About a month ago, my Mom and Dad were given a kitten to care for. They really didn’t want one since their beloved cat Tiger had died in 1995. But the same person (friend Roger), who gave then Tiger all those years ago, also gave them this new kitten.

Dad says Mom’s attached to him now, and I say Dad seems to be enjoying the new kitten quite a lot too. This kitten is all play, play, play! He is sweet though and has a nice purrrrr.

His name is Trey for (3rd cat)… and I call him Tre-kit…. for (Trey- kitten)……. Of course I fell in love with him on my first visit home…. AND Mom and Dad were quite aware that I really came home to see the kitten, and was just using them as an excuse.

They raised a cat lover in me!

BUT I returned home to Des Moines ALONE, proving to me that Trey will be their cat for for the time being. I figured if they really didn’t want the kitten, he would have ended up in my car.


  1. Oh...I like this and your ability to say NO to new ones at this tieme. Very cute.

  2. I meant to say Oh..I like this and your ability to say No to new ones at this TIME. Very cute.

    You can delete the above.