Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girls Weekend: Fun with $7.00

8-12-09 silly brain
Ann spotted it first as we walked into the TJ Maxx…. the bargain table which held Jessica Simpson hair extensions reduced from $40.00 to only $7.00. I didn’t know such a thing existed, and never would I believe that I needed to own one. BUT for only $7.00, how could I go wrong?

Ann, having black hair, was easy to match. Me, with my naturally blond hair, I was doubtful there would be one that would even come close…. But Ann insisted that the one called “honey blond” was very close. Like I said- for $7.00, how could I pass up at least trying it out?

We arrived to KC house about 9:30PM and decided to try out our new hair. I believe we laughed more in that one night than most people laugh in a week’s time. Just for that reason, the $7.00 was money well spent!

We decided we HAD to wear our hair extensions to lunch on Saturday when we were meeting up with the other gals who were joining in on the KC girls’ weekend.

With my hair extension on, I felt like I was channeling Farah Fawcett. I had the idea to try to recreate a similar pose to the famous Farah poster from the 70’s. Ann and I had plenty of giggles with this activity!

When I later showed Greg the photos of my Farah look-a-like attempt, his only reply was….. “You have too many clothes on”.

I guess he wasn’t even looking at the hair? I realized later, after looking up the original Farah poster that I had my arms positioned incorrectly. Oh well... that was 30 years ago. To Farah...... Rest In Peace.


  1. omygosh, I love it! Farrah would be proud :)

  2. LOVE the hair extensions - too funny!

  3. Yes, this was too funny and Judy, she was bound and determined to get this pose in. We stayed up until midnight and recreated this in the am. I'm no farrah, but mines will do.