Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer car show fun

8-29-09 waning summer brain

You know it's August when: I can be talked into ANOTHER car show.

Since last Sunday was such a gorgeous day, I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. Taking advantage of that, Greg found it easy to talk me into attending yet another car show. This one in Des Moines at Union Park.

What I liked about this show, beside a lot of cars for Greg to look at, Union Park had other activities for all ages, so this really was a family friendly car show. There was the water park, a very cool slide, AND the CAROUSEL- which was giving free rides due to the car show.

I started to look at a few cars, but soon found myself wandering over to the carousel. I of course did not hesitate to get my free ride and chose "Kaptain Kat" to ride on and took this self-portrait.

Eventually Greg came looking for me and I was able to talk him also into a ride with me. The nice man running the carousel volunteered to take our picture.

I can safely say this was and is the best car show ever!


  1. you are truly a kid at heart :)

  2. Next time I'm in Des Moines we need to go see the carousel, I love them.

  3. Renee,.... guilty as charged! And I had fun playing with YOU for the last two days, too bad we were at work :(

  4. The carousel is a neat find on the east side. And...this is a good FB pic for the both of you.