Saturday, August 15, 2009

KC Girls Weekend: Time in the kitchen

8-15-09 Julia Child's brain

Molly has a wonderful kitchen! She designed this herself with cooking and entertaining in mind as they built the new house about 4 years ago. The living room, dinning room and kitchen are all together with vaulted ceiling, making it a wonderful place to hang out together as dinner and breakfast were prepared.

Annette at work- this was the sweet potatoes.

Molly loves being in the kitchen as you can tell from these pictures!

Molly use to give cooking lessons at the local community college in her spare evenings back in the 1990's.... but now she is married and taking care of Aggie Acres along with working her full time job. I believe she has a good retirement career lined up. Aggie Acres could be a wonderful Bed and Breakfast someday!!

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  1. Yes the page dedicated to the Molly!. she is FANTASTIC cook and hostess as you can see. The dinner and breakfast....YUM-O. Good times...good times.