Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer garden visitors

8-28-09 waning summer brain

You know its August when: you get excited about unexpected visitors in your garden!

This last Sunday was such a beautiful day, mild with refreshing breeze. I decided I wanted to spend some time outdoors early evening, so I started to give some attention to the front flower garden, pulling a few weeds.

To my surprise, I came across TWO Monarch butterfly "caterpillars".... I knew what they looked like from my experience last August. I had one attach to the back house siding, making a crystal-cocoon and become a butterfly!

Pictures from last year:

Also this last weekend I spotted my first hummingbird. My feeder has been out since spring, and maybe I've had hummingbirds before, but I never seem to spot them until late August. I believe I get the hummingbirds who are migrating south this time of year.

Another surprise I had last year was my favorite so far. A wonderful Praying Mantis.

Our Des Moines yard and gardens are small, so I find it amazing that they attract so many wonderful visitors!


  1. I've had my eyes peeled for catapillers, but nothing yet. But I do have hummingbirds, 3 of them. They tend to arrive when its cooler out. They've been around off and on all summer. Great pictures!

  2. Pumpkins, butterflies and attract the most beautiful thigngs mother nature has to offer.