Wednesday, August 19, 2009

KC Girls Weekend: morning yoga

8-19-09 stretching brain

For Sunday morning, Molly had lined up her yoga instructor to come out to the farm to give us a basic class. In planning, Molly and I had discussed the time. I suggested later in the morning, since I knew we would be up late in the night, as a usual Girls Weekend goes. Molly was thinking earlier. So we set it in the middle and agreed at 9:00AM.

This was actually a perfect time, since any later the sun would have been getting too intense. It was a warm morning, but not unbearably hot yet.

Beside the 5 of us who spent the night, at least 3 more of Molly's friends came out for the yoga class and stayed for breakfast afterwards.

Look close and you will see Peeps the peacock is in most of these pictures. He walked from person to person, either wanting to be petted or wanted to see what we were doing. We were a bit distracted my Peeps, but his presences made the morning even more special.

The funniest moment that I remember was when the instructor, being ever so flexible, quickly bent over from her waist, touching her head between her legs.... and Ann let out a loud gasp. I first I thought Ann had let out a *queef when she tried this move, but then I realized it was a gasp of unbelief and shock at our instructors abilities to bend..... Prior to that we all were trying to be serious students, but after Ann's gasp, we all had the giggles.

Footnote: *queef: female fart like sound (I dare you to google the word)


  1. LOVE this outdoor yoga shot - so cool! You are very blessed with girlfriends!

  2. I agree that Ann's comment (or whatever it was) was priceless in its timing and spontaneity. It was just so unexpected in a Yoga class that is was a classic!

  3. I only wish it was a queef {Judy schooled me on this today}. And if only I could do that...amazing.