Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer wedding 2009

8-26-09 waning summer brain

You know its August when: that special wedding date finally arrives

This last weekend we attended the much anticipated wedding of Eric and Kate, held in Ames, Iowa. Eric is the son of my long-time high school friend Jean Ann.

I believe this is the first wedding of any of my close friends. Now that we are in our 50's, I guess the timing is prime for the next generation to start getting married off.

This was a lovely, enjoyable wedding and from my perspective everything seemed to run smooth. Good times!

My biggest observation about myself was.... that it is getting harder and harder to make myself look presentable in public. Working at home and leading a very causal life, I found it challenging to find something decent to wear, and then try to get my hair and makeup to look good, all at the same time.

I'm getting discouraged working with the wrinkles on top of the oily summer skin. Greg on the other hand, looked dashing as usual, and he just wore his usual work clothes. Men make everything easier than women... well, most of the time!

PS: I did enjoy wearing my new "tiger" shoes! Jean Ann and I posed with our shoes. I guess at our age at least SHOES are something we still can get excited about. Our feet still look good!


  1. You always look pulled together. Be gentle with yourself. We see you differently than you see yourself. :)

  2. We are much harder on ourselves, but looked grrreat with your stylin' outfit and shoes.

    As for Greg, not a bad catch...your shoes matches your what you did 15 plus years ago....let me just say coo-ugar! You were ahead of the times.

  3. I AM a late bloomer who was a head of her time! What a combination!