Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back and 4th: Fun on the river

8-4-09 reminiscing vacation brain

I’m returning back to the topic of my 4th of July visit to my hometown. One of my favorite activities this year was our canoe trip down the Cedar River. Canoeing is a July vacation tradition, however some years we are not able to go due to weather or unfavorable river conditions. This year everything was perfect and we planned our early morning start for the Monday after the 4th weekend.

This year there were five of us wanting to make the trip, thus we needed to rent an extra canoe: Judy C, Steve, Vanni, me, and Sarah.

The highlights of my canoe trip this year were:

1) getting to spend 5-6 hours with my niece;

2) seeing a bald eagle along the river;

3) seeing the sunrise, when we left the house at 5:30 AM driving north to put in about 12 miles upriver;

4) tripping over my feet as I was getting out of the canoe where we landed on a sandbar, and falling in the mud.

Unlike me, covered in mud on my left side, Sarah can make canoeing look so attractive! Oh to be age 21 again.....? Well......No thanks!

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  1. Thank you for taking me along to your hometown. Such a beautiful place with adventurous fun on the river :) I had fun reading.