Monday, August 24, 2009

August is here and almost gone: part 1

8-24-09 waning summer brain

I still have more to write about on July topics; especially the Beachy Family Reunion, which we attended during our two week driving trip, but August is slipping away, so I’ll need to move on for a few days.

You know its August when...... the Iowa State Fair time arrives. Friday, Greg and I took off work to attend on a beautiful cool August day. We needed jackets! I don’t remember attending the State Fair before wearing a jacket.

We spent about 5 hours seeing some of our favorite sites.

We started out in the Cultural Center to view the photos and art work. Peace-Sister Carolyn had entered a few of her china painting pieces, so we also looked for those.

The Cultural Center is a good place to start since they have my new favorite fair food: an apple stick pastry. So I went off to get one and then starting looking at the photography section.

Then also in the Cultural Center, special this year, they had the “Freedom Rock” guy. The Freedom Rock is a big rock in rural Iowa near Greenfield.

This guy, Ray Sorensen II, started painting it every year with a new veteran’s theme, back around 1999. This year they invited him to create something special on a big rock they placed in the middle of the Cultural Center.

A few other favorite sights this year were there Largest Pumpkin Contest and the Ugliest Cake Contest.

To be continued…..

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  1. I took Judy up on the Apple was very yummy and not so messy to eat. I have a pic of the Freedom Rock that is completed, so I'll send you a copy. I'm also going to see about joining the camera club as I need to get some tips from the experts.

    So how about the Mullet contest...Judy has the link for it and she is free to use it.