Friday, August 14, 2009

KC Girls Weekend: pond floating

8-14-09 reminiscing brain
Continuing from yesterday’s post….
After lunch we did some quick window shopping in a few boutiques next to the restaurant- no BIG purchases. Then we were all off to Molly and Jeff’s place, just south of KC, at their animal-hobby farm they call Aggie Acres.

We headed almost straight to the swimming pond, as soon as we changed our clothes and mixed up some drinks- Something fancy that Molly just whipped up…. It had lemonade in it I believe. My memory is a bit fussy about this detail. I wonder why? Then my college friend Teresa who also lives in KC joined us at just the right time and also another neighbor girlfriend of Molly’s.

Below: Teresa, Molly, Me, Ann

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Picture from Annette's camera!

We finally realized that it was getting close to 7:00 PM and we needed to start preparing the dinner that Molly had planned for us.... But before I get to that... tomorrow- just a few more of my favorite silly pictures from the afternoon at the pond, which I can't really explain. As Ann says "What happens in KC, stays in KC".


  1. looks like you are having way-too-much fun girl!

  2. oh man....(said in a whiney voice)... I do wish Molly didn't have cats because I'd definitely be crashing your party next year!

  3. It's called "strip and go naked". Drink too much and you may just do that.
    Beer, frozen leomnade, gin and vodka. I made this last week and it was dee-lish:
    2 cans beer, Equal shots of gin and vodka (to your taste)
    Rasberry frozen lemondade, Mix and serve
    I'm not a beer, vodka or gin drinker...but this drink covers everything up.

    Yes, we are havin' fun.

  4. Oh yeah, now I remember what we were drinking. Thanks for the recipe Ann! Not that I will be drinking that again until next summer…. But by then Molly will have a new concoction to try out on us.

  5. Oh my, I was wondering if the stack of red hats photo would surface.

  6. I also love the one photo of you alone on your floatie,