Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arriving late, but present again

6-16-11 fast train brain  (say that three times!)
My life is moving along at the speed of a fast train..... so much so, that I don't have time to get it all written down. I still have to report on last weekend while the upcoming weekending in almost here.

My training trip to Iowa City this week went just fine. Seems we have hired two pretty good people who were fun and easy to work with, which made my job easier. Thanks Ann for filling in with your two blogs this week.

I've been struggling to keep my Peace Blog updated. I have no trouble creating daily Peace Art, but I haven't been good about always posting each day. Last night I was excited to try a new technique which I picked up from a 17 year old artist on Saturday.

In the late afternoon, Greg and I were up in north Kansas City with some Mini Cooper friends hanging out at their favorite local pub.... then we headed for a festival being held in north KC which included some Art, some Music, and of course a CAR SHOW. I great combination to keep both Greg and I entertained for a time.

I spent time in front of this young artist and watched him create.... so it was like "performance art".... He had a fun personality and chatted up people who stopped by to look. I did like his style and his use of spray paint and knew for his asking price of $10, I would buy something from him. What I didn't know is that this week I tried one of his techniques to wipe off some of the paint to reveal a layer below. Here are pictures of him at work, and here is my Peace Art done last night.

This young arist was a wonderful "mess-maker" and had paint flying everywhere! Just like me.
His art were abstract views of space and the solar system.

Thanks to Ruxton back in the Iowa City office for giving me two weeks worth of used CD's to paint on. Also Thanks to Renee for sending me her care package of used CD's. My "adiction" is satisfied for a while!

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