Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Report II

6-21-11 happy brain
Sunday, like Saturday..... was a fun day also. (No wonder we never get any house chores done.... we are just out having fun). Greg and I attended church in the morning and after being absent from Des Moines for the last 6 weekends..... going to church is a fun "homecoming".... We are blessed to be warmly greeted by many people at Westminster who miss our presence.

Finally too, we had the opportunity to see Vivian and Clyde and after church we ate lunch with them. Here is Vivian and I.... and me with my vintage summer dress.

Sunday afternoon, after Greg headed back to KC... I framed some of my larger peace art. Here is the progress for my "Peace Wall"...

Then since it was too warm out to weed the garden, AND I needed to relax and rest anyway.... I ended up going to a movie with Ann. The movie was "Midnight in Paris"..... Ann and I both have been in Paris several times, so the footage of Paris was wonderful to see... and the Woody Allen story was interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed the movie very much.

Then my "guilty pleasure" on Sunday evening was watching the Daytime Emmy Awards. I still do use my old VCR recorder and tape the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera everyday. Hey!... they won the top award!

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