Friday, June 24, 2011

Life as we know it....

6-24-11 evolving brain
Life as we know it…. will change.

It’s Friday and I don’t want to get all political on you today…. But dang,  As I was on a walk last night, I ran into this sign.

This sign had me wanting to ask for one of “Ann’s do-overs” … to cover the last 10 years.
If our country had all the surplus of money we had back in 2000, we could now deal with all the changes and challenges that are upon us…. Flooding, tornadoes, wildfires …. All the weirdness that Mother Nature is throwing at us.

What made me think of wanting a “do over” was listening to the podcast on NPR with author and Australian environmentalist, Paul Gilding- (Wild Weather and Global Warming):….

Gilding warns on what he calls “The Great Disruption”…our current way of life will be forced to change… it’s just a matter of time, and he feels the “crisis” is starting.  Humans only change when a crisis demands it. The earth is hitting its limits of growth, and global warming is real. An economy of growth can’t be sustained. Shopping and accumulation of material goods will no longer be a form of entertainment.

Change won’t be all bad. Change can be an opportunity for rebirth… to refocus on the real meaningful activities of living.

I was thinking about 20 years ago, when Greg and I were first dating, and he moved to Omaha which started our long distance love affair. We spent every night on the phone and our phone bills often were $100 per month.

Today, as we live apart half the time, we now can use wonderful technology to stay connected. Skype at first, but that is so 2010… This year we have “facetime” using our iPhones.

Even Clover gets into our nightly visits some of the time. She likes looking at me as much as I like seeing her and Greg!

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