Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Report

6-6-11 worn out body
Kansas City verses Des Moines; this weekend made no difference…. Both places had hot, humid weather in the 90’s. Kansas City is about 4 times larger than Des Moines and thus on a summer weekend- KC has about 4 times more activities to choose from. Greg seems to like this; I often find it a bit overwhelming.

Greg researches and logs all the possible activities that he is interested in, into our shared calendar; and since I get to set my own schedule Monday through Friday; I often just go along with his plans when I’m  spending a weekend down in KC with him, but sometimes I venture off with Molly. This weekend was a mix of both.

First we started out with an activity I was interested in on Friday evening. Our KC neighbors Wil and Susan are artists, and Wil was having a show down at the Crossroads Art District which opened on Friday. Here are a few pictures from that. It was very cool.

 Next on Saturday, Greg was off to a morning car show; I and had agreed to “play tennis” with Molly. What was I thinking?....  Tennis at 11:30 AM in the hot sun!  Well, I should tell you our version of tennis is just trying to hit the ball across the net at least several times in a row. So it does involve chasing down the balls, more than actually hitting the ball. Molly and I stuck with it for 45 minutes, and I was feeling pretty good about it. We met up with Greg for lunch and re-hydrated ourselves and I really didn’t feel too bad physically.

Greg and I did spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the house, resting up a bit, since in the evening we had the Leawood neighborhood potluck picnic. This was a nice evening under the shade trees. I met at least 12 new couples on the street and made a point to memorize their names.

Sunday, we worked off of Greg’s “Events List” and did three interesting activities.  First one was stopping by at the Model Car show. Who knew there was this subculture out there? They take model building serious! Look at the trophies they were competing for! My favorite model was a takeoff of the Beverly Hillbillies’ truck.

Then we headed north to the old KC airport hanger where an antique motorcycle show was being held. So we not only got to see motorcycles, but toured through a few old plans also.

Next, a cooler activity was attending a movie theater to see the 1974 movie by Monte Python; Holy Grail. I admit I fell asleep in the middle of this and I believe this is when the affects from tennis on Saturday starting showing up. My body was really dragging. Today, I’m taking it easy by spending a lot of time sitting on my desk chair and just using my mind and not my sore muscles.

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