Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial wrap-up

6-3-11 TGIF brain
Last Saturday, over Memorial Weekend, Mom and I made our visit out to the three cemeteries in Charles City. We put flowers out on seven graves. Pictured below is Riverside, the place where Dad use to take us fishing as kids. The very back of the cemetery is on the banks of the Cedar River. It's actually a very pretty place, full of trees, and this time of year, the urns are decorated with red Geraniums and flags are placed. Here the Livingston and Huxsol markers are relatives on my mother's side.

Saturday Mom and I also attended the Farmer's Market in Central Park. Over the last several the years, there has been additions made to the park, with mixed reactions. Here is one of the four "ART" pieces placed at the four corners of the park. This one is my favorite actually.

Sorry, I don't know the artist who created this off the top of my head.

Just this spring, another addition has been added along each of the four walk ways leading up into the middle of the park. These granite flat stones depict historical events of the city. This is actually pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how they hold up over the years. There are at least 20 of these stones in total. A few of them are below.

Suspension Bridge:

Although Charles City's population has been declining over the last three decades or so, I do have to give credit to the town's people who try to keep things growing and changing. 

1968 Tornado:

Art Deco Theater:

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