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6-15-11 absent, but not forgotten brain

Father’s Day 2011, The First of Many Without My Dad

To all the Dad’s out there, happy happy Fathers’s Day! I hope you are doing something grand and if not grand, at least something you enjoy. Marine dude John, have a great Father’s Day!

My Sunday with my Dad would have been preceded by Saturday’s breakfast at HyVee (my treat) and a walk through the market, then to the Mexican or Chinese grocery store. Then I’d say what are you going to watch today on TV, and he’d say something like this “basketball is over, no horse racing", so unless there was a soccer game on, he’d be watching a movie or two. Then on Sunday, back to HyVee for a grand breakfast, reading the Sunday newspaper and a trip to Walgreens. Yep, we know how to live it up and nope, no gifts, we were too practical for gifts, but if something was needed, I would of sure gotten it for him. He probably would of reminded me of the TV I should of bought by now.

Oh wait, he was to have moved in with us after his hospital stay. So in addition to the running around, we would be watching something together on this sweet gift gotten from my husband’s friend.

Here’s the TV that Dad would of loved and I love at the bargain price, FREE. It’s a Sony 60 inch grand TV with an awesome speakers. It’s sitting in the garage right now and for some reason, I love watching TV out here and hope to use it for my next karaoke party.

I’ll close with a few pictures of my Dad in the last few years. Gosh, I miss him dearly. Love you Dad!

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

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