Monday, June 13, 2011

Life is Good

6-13-11 happy brain
During my drive back to Des Moines from KC, I am often filled with intense feelings of gratitude…. For the wonderful time spent with Greg, and for the upcoming week when I’ll have some alone time. I feel like I have a nice balance going on in my life and I feel so blessed.

When I arrived back in Des Moines Sunday late afternoon, I was so happy to see that my lawn got mowed, in spite of all the rain… Blessings to my neighbors who take good care of me. My rain gauge showed 4.5 inches of rain and my sump pump was working, so I also was feeling blessed to have a dry basement.

Over my last 10 days in KC, I played tennis with Molly three times! I’m thankful to Molly that she got me out there…. Trying to get physical again…. And it feels good. When Molly lived in Des Moines back in the 80’s and we were single… our lives were full of activity such as aerobic classes, rollerblading, walking, and biking. As I got busy being married and having more work responsibilities…. It was easy to get lazy and distracted by other things. I am now inspired by Molly to get more active. Molly has lost 50 pounds over the last year and I’m so proud of her. I’m wondering if Kelley and her weight loss two years ago inspirited Molly? Weight isn’t my problem, although I could loose 5 pounds…. I just want to get more strength and stamina back.

Other things I was happy about on Sunday:

Before I left KC, I stopped to get some Chi Tea and I ran into the shoe store which is close to the KC house. I was looking for a comfortable pair of walking sandals. I think I tried every pair on and decided the Teva’s were the most comfortable. Now I can go walking with Sue and keep up with her and her dog Winnie.

I learned Saturday morning that my Mom took my Dad to the local hospital after he complained of sharp pain in his left arm. Mom was smart and gave him some baby aspirin and talked him into going. Turns out Dad had a blood clot in his arm and they were able to dissolve it OK. He only spent one night in the hospital and sounded good on the phone Sunday night. I think Dad enjoys visiting with the nurses from time to time. They tease him that he comes in for a "vacation". Dad has had most of the nurses in school, so they all know him as their former teacher.

Greg kept me busy on Saturday and we had a fun afternoon and evening..... more on that tomorrow.

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