Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Report I

6-20-11 happy brain
At the end of the day, Saturday..... Greg and I said to each other.... that was a "heavenly day". Greg was happy that we hung out at a car show in the afternoon and I was happy that we spend some time with nature and had a good 2 to 3 mile walk.

Our day started out with breakfast over at Chefs, this time with a special guest.... my coworker Lori who drove into town to pick up some work folders from me. We treated Lori to the Sweet Potato pancakes we love so much at Chefs.

Since the weather ended up being cooler, thanks to overcast sky, Greg and I were able to hang out for several hours with some British Car Club friends at the "Brit-Euro" show which was held in connection with Johnston's Green Day Festival. THIS show I love since there are so many cool cars. I got in the spirit and tried taking some "art-sy-fart-sy" pictures to make this car collage.

Here is picture for my Dad.... he owned a Triumph back in the late 60's. I took this to remind him of what this car looked like on the inside.

Saturday early evening, Greg and I drove between Madrid and Woodward Iowa to hunt down the "old" train bridge made into a "new" bike bridge over the Des Moines river.  We parked on a gravel road and walked about a mile to see the bridge. It's so cool, we must go back with our bikes or our roller blades next time.

This was the most interesting "wild nature" we spotted on our walk!

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