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6-29-11 vacation brain
Here is Ann's take on the Des Moines Art Fest.

Gettin’ My Artzy Fartzy On
I love the phrase “artzy fartzy” and if my memory serves me right, Archie Bunker would use that phrase when talking about well-do-do people. I use that phrase to describe my art loving friends such as Judy. So when I see the phrase “artzy fartzy” I always think of Judy and Archie Bunker. Haha Judy. Here’s a picture I took in Galena for Ms. Judy.

Unlike Judy and much like Archie, I do not have an eye for art. When traveling to Europe, I look at the paintings and after 100 or so, I’ll say something like “if you’ve seen one painting, you’ve seen them all”. However, I do indulge once a year in the art world by attending the Des Moines Arts Festival which gives me the opportunity to support Drake University. Judy and I have been helping out at the alumni water n’ soda booth since 2006 (Sue joined us in 2010).

We have a routine that allows us to work on Friday, man the booth from 5-8 pm, have a bite to eat and then listen to some music till 10 pm. Like good teammates, we have a set routine on how to stock the cooler, wipe the bottles and make change. Judy prefers to stock the cooler and while I usually help her, I made change this year ($2.50 per drink). The weather was absolutely beautiful, sunny and 75 degrees, a perfect day for an outdoor event. Before the evening show, we had a quick bite at Jimmy Johns, that too was a first for me. Frankly, I don’t see what everyone raves about. Oh yeah, the bread is good.
Now for the show, The Smithereens. Okay, call me crazy but I’ve never heard of this group and come to find out, Greg and Judy are big fans. Judy was in fine form for the evening, here she is sporting a vintage t-shirt and yes, she was “rockin’ the mosh pit”. It was really fun to see Judy get her groove on.

On Sunday, I went back to the Art Festival to hear one of my favorite local bands, Bonnie Finken and Collective Soul. She’s a great singer/performer and when she has the full band, they can rock an event. Last year she had the Friday late afternoon slot and this year, she had the Sunday 10 am slot. I really had to talk myself into getting there at 10 am, but I’m glad I did. Bonnie and the band really rocked the stage with her originals and cover songs. To my surprise, she sang “Forget You” along with “Bad Romance”. Here’s a picture of the band.

Back to artsy fartzy, the show had a variety of art, from paintings, pottery, jewelry, sculptures and a lot of this n’ that. This is one great show set in a great location, nestled between the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden.

Cheers to Summer and me getting my “artzy fartzy on”.

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

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